Retrofit window installation

Retrofit window installation, what does it mean?

“Retrofit” installation means a replacement window is installed into the existing wood frame. The glass is cut out of the frame and everything around the window remains intact. The new window is then screwed into the existing frame.

Advantages with retrofit installation.

The advantages of this type of installation appeals mostly to consumers living in older homes who’d like the historical character both inside and out to remain the same.

You’re guaranteed to be able to keep your existing trim, blinds, and shutters.

Retrofit installations can be a much more cost efficient option, as the labor required is significantly less when the installers aren’t replacing the entire frame.  

Disadvantages choosing retrofit installation.

One of the disadvantages with retrofit windows installation is that there is no way to know what’s behind the existing frame. 

You have noticeably less glass because you are essentially putting a window inside a window. Retrofit window installation cannot be performed on vinyl windows.

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