Government rebates for windows

Windows and doors are becoming more affordable

 Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Chris Ballard and Parminder Sandhu, chair of the Green Ontario Fund, announced the new measures on energy efficient windows rebate and some other home improvements.

The rebates will be offered through the Green Ontario Fund, the non-profit provincial agency funded by money from the province's cap-and-trade program.

The new rebates are:

Up to $5,000 to replace windows that meet specific requirements.

Up to $7,200 off new insulation, and a $100 rebate for air sealing.

Up to $20,000 for Energy Star-certified ground source heat pumps, or up to $4,500 to repair existing heat pumps.

Up to $5,800 off Energy Star-certified air source heat pumps, or pumps that meet program requirements.

These government rebates for windows and other home improvements will be in effect for limited time only.


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