Brick to Brick window installation

Whats involved in brick to brick installation?

“brick to brick” installation involves removing the complete frame, casing, jams, existing brickmould, and trim. The entire window is cut out and the opening or any deteriorating wood is cleaned out entirely.

Advanteges with brick to brick installation.

Brick to brick windows installation includes new window with complete frame is put in, leveled and screwed into place. Shims are used for any not leveled areas around the opening to ensure the window will stay level and secure.

Brick to brick window installations allow for windows to be foam-insulated thoroughly all around the new frame, guaranteeing a perfectly tight seal.

Brand new window sills, casing, trim, and brickmould make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home.

Disadvantages with brick to brick installation.

Although a brick to brick installation is the more expensive option, you have the reassurance that you won’t need to replace these same windows again for decades. 

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